Bill Clinton: The Survivor

The Survivor, written by John F. Harris, is a New York Times bestseller. John Harris is an award winning political reporter for The Washington Post who covered the Clinton presidency from 1995 through its conclusion in 2001.

This was an excellent read that showed the chaos of the first year of the Clinton Presidency. Harris didn't spend all of his time on the Lewinsky scandal but instead took readers into the West Wing and painted a clear picture of the inner trappings of the Clinton White House. While it certainly is not without bias, Harris did a wonderful job covering Clinton as a man and as a president. 

For those who are interested in the childhood and early years of Bill Clinton, you won't find much in this book. Personally, I enjoy reading the accounts of the Presidency way more than I do the pre-White House years. I enjoy reading how decisions were made and how the President's come to decide between a bad option and a worse option. But that's just me. I also find it interesting that there is not much mention of Al Gore here. I hope to read more on Clinton and gain some insight into the working relationship between Clinton and Vice President Gore.

This book won't change anyone's mind. If you love Bill Clinton, you'll still love him after reading this. If you're not a fan, I don't think it will help you appreciate him more. I found the book enjoyable and would recommend it. It is an excellent history of the eight years of the Clinton White House.