Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by the President. I can remember regularly pulling out the "P" volume of the World Book Encyclopedia and turning to the entry for "Presidents." It was a two page, color section with the photos, dates of service, and a brief description of each of the Presidents. Even though it was the late 1980's, the encyclopedia stopped at Lyndon B. Johnson since my grandparent's had purchased the set in 1966. 

I like to read, and I usually only read non-fiction. And of the non-fiction I read, 75% is either Presidential bio's, Vice Presidential bio's, books about the Secret Service, or some topic associated with the American Presidency. I'm not 100% sure what it is that draws me to it. The secrecy is part of it I'm sure, along with the behind the scenes look we get at these larger than life figures. I also learn a lot of leadership lessons from these books. Whether or not you love or hate a particular President, there is always something to learn. These men were leaders and each faced his own unique set of tests. 

So, I've decided to read a biography of each President. I actually decided to do this a year ago. I'm just now getting around to writing about it. In full transparency, I started with George W. Bush and I'm working backwards to Washington. I skipped Donald Trump & Barack Obama only because I've been unable to find anything objectively written on their time in the White House.....not to mention there really hasn't been enough time, especially in the case of Trump, to take a real good look at their Presidency. Sometime in the next year I will go back and catch them as soon as I find a good book on each of them. 

The first book I will review will be Decision Points by George W. Bush. It is an autobiography in which Bush described the critical decisions that shaped his personal life and his time as President. Coming soon. 

- Jono

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